Dirty Talk


Dirty Talk by Lauren Landish

This is my first time reading this author’s work and I really enjoyed it. Dirty Talk is the first book of the Get Dirty series and just what the title says, a lot of dirty talk. If you’re thinking this is just another raunchy book without a decent plot, you’re totally wrong. The characters and plot were realistic and captivating from the start.

Katrina, goes by Kat, has just been promoted at her job as an app developer/coder and is out celebrating with her best friend Elise, when she discovers her boyfriend of about a year has been cheating on her. She dumps him and swears off men since every man she’s been with has been unfaithful.

Derek King, host of radio talk show The Love Whisperer, has been giving love and sex advice to his listeners for a year now and loves his job. He’s single and looking for the one but can’t seem to find her. He’s content with his single status until he finds the woman he knows will have a lasting love like his parents had.

Kat, listens in on The Love Whisper when the topic is on cheaters and decides to call in and tell her story. Derrick can’t seem to shake off his attraction to her voice and wants to know how her story with the cheating boyfriend turns out. After giving Kat his personal cell number, she agrees to call him back after she’s dumped her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. Kat calls back and the sparks fly between them.

This is a book you certainly don’t want to miss, especially if you love a book with naughty words and steamy scenes. Even better, this series is free on kindle unlimited!! Don’t have KU? You can start a free trial! Nothing holding you back from reading this toe-curling book.

Book Blurb-
He makes dirty sound so good. So right.

The moment I heard his velvety voice growl that I’m his ‘Kitty Kat’, I knew I was in trouble.

Derrick ‘The Love Whisperer’ King gives out relationship and sex advice on the radio to everyone, but he’s giving me something a bit more personal. Nobody’s ever talked to me the way he does. Daring, Demanding, Sexy… and oh, so Dirty.

Maybe we started this whole thing a little backward, sex first and getting to know each other after. But I’m starting to let my guard down, my untrusting heart beginning to think that maybe fairy tales do come true. Even for me.

I feel beautiful and hopeful when he worships my body. I feel dirty and naughty when he whispers filthy things in my ear.

But is it real? Can something so naughty really be good for me?

And more importantly, against all odds, can it last… forever?

Dirty Talk is a full-length Romance with a happy ever after, no cheating, and no cliffhanger!

~Happy Reading!~

Author: BookaholicBrittany

Hi my name is Brittany and I’m a Bookaholic. I read about 300 books a year! I’m also a nature lover and environmental science enthusiast. I’m a full-time student earning my degree in Library Science, a mommy of four, and a proud military spouse. My life can be chaotic, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. ❤️

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