Leaves of Fall

Title: Leaves of Fall

Author: Patricia Lynne

Genre: Fantasy

Release Date: May 21, 2019

Free ARC provided through Sunrise Author Services in exchange for an honest review.



I love everything about this book! A unique plot and characters, diversity, and perfect for people like me who are big environmental enthusiasts. Seriously, Leaves of Fall made me want to go hug a tree!  I love how unique this plot is, trees rising up and warring against humans? I’ve only seen one story even remotely similar to this, and to be brutally honest the movie, The Happening, kinda sucked. Sorry for those of you who might have actually enjoyed that movie! 

It does not matter if you are young or old. Rich or poor. Believe or doubt. You have hurt us enough. We will fight. We will stop you. Man’s time has come to an end. 

That was the start of the war.”— Leaves of Fall, Patricia Lynne

I also LOVE that tree nymphs are involved as main characters. They usually get relegated to the sidelines with random characters, but Patricia Lynne took advantage of these underrated creatures in the best possible way. Also, it should be noted how awesome it is to read a book with two main characters who aren’t forced to have a romantic interest that simply doesn’t work. Kudos to Patricia for that! 

I buried my face against his chest. I didn’t want to think of the possibility of never seeing Birch again. He had become a fixture in my life. My best friend. I took a deep breathe and pulled back. ‘You changed everything for me, too.”— Leaves of Fall, Patricia Lynne

I’m so unbelievably happy to have read Leaves of Fall and I HIGHLY recommend it. A big 5 Stars from me! ❤️


Book Blurb:

Armory was born into a post-apocalyptic world torn apart by war between man and nature. Trees are the enemy. But when she’s kidnapped by nomads and taken far from her home, a tree nymph is the one who comes to her rescue.

Birch promises he can get Armory home. He says not all trees wanted a war. Armory has no choice to trust him if she wants to see her family again.

Together, they trek across the ruins of America, meeting both human and trees who want nothing more than the fighting to stop. But the hatred between the two may be too deep to heal. Armory isn’t sure her friendship with Birch will be enough to convince the human race to take a chance on peace. Birch has a plan, though. He’s just not sure he’ll survive.

Goodreads: https://bit.ly/2VCCsCi

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2QjkBPK

About the Author:


Patricia Lynne is the author of Young Adult Paranormal, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi books. She actually never set out to become a writer, and in fact, she was more interested in art and band in high school and college On a whim, she wrote down a story bouncing in her head and began learning all she could about writing. That was the start of it, and she hasn’t regretted a moment. When she’s not writing, she’s watching Doctor Who or reading about serial killers. She’s an avid knitter. One can never have too much yarn. She writes New Adult Urban Fantasy and Sci-Fi Romance under the name Patricia Josephine.

Patricia lives with her husband in Michigan, hopes one day to have what will resemble a small petting zoo, and has a fondness for dying her hair the colors of the rainbow.

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**Disclaimer: An arc of this book was received in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are unbiased and completely my own. I will never give a false review! For more information, please see review policy. 

Author: BookaholicBrittany

Hi my name is Brittany and I’m a Bookaholic. I read about 300 books a year! I’m also a nature lover and environmental science enthusiast. I’m a full-time student earning my degree in Library Science, a mommy of four, and a proud military spouse. My life can be chaotic, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. ❤️

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