Books on a Budget

Have a tight book budget? These tips will help you find good deals on books to help you reach your reading goal.


Amazon has some really good deals when you know how to find them. They have several programs for Prime members so if you don’t have a Prime membership, I suggest getting one! Prime membership is about $12 a month and worth every penny. Prime also offers free shipping on all items that are sold and shipped from Amazon. Here are the Amazon programs to get those deals-

  1. Prime Reading- Prime members can “borrow” kindle edition books for free! There is a limit of 10 books checked out but you can quickly return books to get others offered in Prime Reading. These books change often, so look through them often to get the latest!
  2. Kindle Unlimited- Kindle Unlimited is a program for Kindle users. There are thousands of books available to read for free with a Kindle Unlimited plan. The plan costs $9.99+ tax per month but they also offer a free 30-day trial.
  3. Free Kindle eBooks- A lot of authors will sell their kindle edition books for $0 as limited-time specials or for a newer author/series to accumulate readers and reviews. The series will usually have the first book for free, and the following books can range anywhere from .99-$4.99 each. This is great when you want to start a new series but want to try the first book first to see if it fits your style.
  4. Warehouse and Used Deals- Amazon offers Warehouse Deals for slightly damaged or used product. Sometime these will have a shipping cost but a lot can be found with free Prime shipping. Compare the price of new versus used though, because sometimes the used price isn’t lower than price of buying new, specially if there’s a shipping cost.

Used bookstores-

You can find some great prices by buying at a used bookstore either in store or online. This includes thrift stores as well!

  1. Bookstore(in-store)- Used Bookstores can offer used books anywhere from $1 and up for both Hardbacks and Paperbacks. Remember to compare prices to make sure your getting a good deal. Some stores sell Hardback editions for $10 and over so be sure to check elsewhere to see if you can find it cheaper online. Also check to see if your bookstore has a clearance section or special sale, some places even offer a rewards program or newsletter for special discounts.
  2. Used bookstore(online)- Online bookstores can provide a plethora of books and rock-bottom prices. Most offer a rewards program or discounts for signing up for a free newsletter, so check for those before you place your order! Again, remember to compare prices to what you would typically pay elsewhere. In my area, Hardbacks are cheaper online buy Paperbacks are cheaper in-store. It’s always a good idea to know your average prices in the area. My Favorite website for buying used books online is ThriftBooks. They have a reading rewards program that earns you a $5 coupon for every $50 you spend, plus free shipping on orders $10 or more. You can also get a 15% coupon here by using my code for the refer-a-friend offer. My second go-to website is Abebooks, where it’s third-party sellers from all over the world(think eBay) and some offer free shipping.
  3. Thrift Stores and Garage/Yard Sales- Don’t overlook those thrift stores!! Thrift stores often receive a lot of books and have many to choose from. Some of the non-chain thrift stores sell books as low as .25 each! Same thing with Yard/Garage sales.

Authors & Blogs Social Media/Websites-

A lot of authors and blogs will have giveaways and freebies posted on their websites, FaceBooks groups, social media pages, etc. Make sure to find your favorite authors and join any social media and newsletters to keep up with giveaways, new books, and special deals. Blogs will often offer the same, so be sure to follow and join!

Publishers and Reviewers Memberships-

Big publishers will have a mailing list that provides newsletters with the newest books, sales, and contest giveaways they are hosting. There are also several websites that newer authors will turn to for help getting their books reviewed. These websites will provide you with a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Don’t sign up for the book review if you won’t be able to finish the review in time because it will likely cancel your membership with that website.

So, that’s all for now but I will keep this updated with newer tips when I come across them! As you can see, there are many ways to get free and cheap deals but also remember that authors need to make some money too to keep writing great books for us! That being said, support your favorite authors often, without them we wouldn’t have amazing and exciting stories to read.