Jewelry SALE!!

There are still some items left in the Etsy shop!! I’ve decided to offer an exclusive offer to you wonderful blog followers, keep reading for more info! Here are the items still left in the shop:

4 gorgeous Grisha bracelets:


Also 4 beautiful Six of Crows necklaces:


Totally adorable jewelry right? I personally have mine displayed on my bookshelf to add a little extra fun to my shelves.

So, here’s the offer. Through July 31st, you can save 10% off your order!! Use coupon code BOOKAHOLIC at checkout! Happy shopping Bookaholics! ❤️❤️

Grishaverse Bracelets

Grishaverse bracelets are finally done!! I have been waiting what seems like forever for these knife charms and I’m so happy they are finally here so I can show off these bracelets! I personally love how they turned out, but let me know in the comments what you think!


I changed it up a little bit as far as clasps go, so there are two options. Option one is the standard lobster clasp:



The second option is a toggle clasp, shaped in a heart which I think is absolutely adorable:


The charms included on each bracelet are:

•Blue & green scales to represent the Sea Whip from Seige & Storm

•Sun to represent Alina the Sun Summoner

•Black Crow for Kaz & The Dregs

•Knife for Inej aka The Wraith’s infamous knives

•Stag for Morozova’s Stag in Shadow & Bone

•Silver Star

•The Little Palace

•Nikolai’s ship

•Phoenix from Ruin & Rising

•The Darkling’s monstrous Volcra


You can buy these gorgeous bracelets on my Etsy Shop! I think they will make a fabulous addition to your bookish swag collection. As always, be on the lookout for new stuff coming to the shop soon! ❤️

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