Review Policy

I know authors put blood, sweat and tears into their hard work, and I would be honored to review what you have labored so furiously on. That being said, please take a peek at my policy, so you can be sure that I’m the right person to trust for the review.

1. I will ONLY read romance, fantasy, paranormal, chick-lit or young-adult(if it’s romance/fantasy). 

2. I will NOT read science-fiction, historical, or any non-fiction. 

3. Book must be in English.(English translations are fine)

4. I promise to do my best in reading and reviewing your book in a timely manner but please have patience. I’m a mother of four and a full-time student, so I do have other obligations that take priority. 

5. I will always be honest in my reviews and I apologize if my review may offend or insult you. 

6. I accept both print(preferred) and ebook copies of ARCs and finished copies. Any format that can be read on a kindle is acceptable.  

7. I will post reviews on the blog, various social media, Goodreads and Amazon. It would be extremely helpful if the author/publisher requesting could also share the Blog post to help spread the word. 

 8. Please take a look at my other reviews to get a feel for my style of reviewing. 

9. Please send the following information with your request:

Book title 

Description or Book Blurb

Release Date 

Purchase & Goodreads Links, shortened. ( is a great source)

Author’s Social Links and Bio

Any Special promos, pictures, excerpts, etc. you’d like included in the review. 

10. As of March 1, 2019, all ARC reviews will have disclaimer of free ARC provided in exchange for review, for FTC compliance.

Reviews can be sent to

Policy updated 7/31/2019

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